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Perfect Screeding For Your Floors

At MX PLASTERING Ltd we offer high-quality screeding services as per the requirements of your building. Experienced professionals are ready to share their expertise with your interior designers and architects to finish the floors in a perfect way.

What Is Screeding

If you want to form a level surface on the floors of your buildings then you must go for screeding. There is screeding mixing which is used for this process. This mixing consist of water, sharp sands and cement. There is a certain method which is followed by the experts to apply this mixing on the surface to make it a smooth and nice floor for you.

Why You Need This

  • You can receive the perfect floor finish with the help of this process; there will be no issues with uneven layers on the floors after screeding.
  • You can have it as a top layer of your surface which covers the underfloor heating pipelines.
  • There can be damp proof membrane as well as insulation under the floors and the screeding can cover them well.

Committed To Deliver The Best

At MX PLASTERING Ltd you will receive the service of the experts who are committed to delivering the best and nothing else. As a professional screeding company, we use the most advanced and simple process of screeding so that you can get the finest service within the shortest period.

The work we produce is flawless and it offers support to your insulation as well as dump control technique. Thus, the modern property owners love to have it for their commercial and residential buildings.