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Best Protection For Your Exterior Walls

Just like the interior walls of your building, the exterior walls need protection. Rather if you compare, then you can find that the outside walls have the bigger risk of damage due to their direct exposure to various elements like sunlight, pollution, dirt, and moisture present in the air. Thus, you need to take extra care for them and nothing can be more effective than rendering for these walls.

What Is Rendering

MX PLASTERING Ltd is well-known for providing high quality rendering services for your building within you budget. When you use the plaster as the coating on the exterior walls of your building then it is called rendering. This is a very popular process used in architectural designs. You can use this service at the time of construction of the building or as a part of the renovation project too. Cement mixture is applied to the exterior walls to get a smooth and fine texture of the same.

What Is In The Mixture

The mixture of rendering generally consist a premixed layer of sand and cement. This layer can be applied to brick, stone, or mud brick.

Why Come To Us

  • We offer insulated rendering services as a part of your heating and cooling system for the building.
  • We use self colour silicon while rendering on your walls to offer you the finest finish.
  • Our experts use acrylic on insulation to so that you can get the perfectly insulated walls.
  • We can even work on straight on block brick and on sound old render as per the requirement of the rendering project you offer to us.
  • We have immense experience in the field of rendering for commercial and residential projects.
  • Our rendering service cost is pocket-friendly.
  • We have a good reputation for offering the best quality service in London and Essex.
  • We are well-known for completing the tasks within the given deadline.
  • We believe in maintaining a good relationship with our clients by fulfilling their needs.
  • We are ready to work with your engineers and architectures as per their plans and requirements.

When you need the most reliable and professional rendering service, please call MX PLASTERING Ltd.