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Get The Best Partitions For Your Interior

Both partitions and dry-lining are two very important segments in construction industries. There are commercial buildings that need this service for the interior decoration.

Types Of Partitions

In general, partitions are constructed with the help of bricks and concrete. These are created to separate one room from the other or to create different sections in a single room.

  • We offer our service for the general partitions which are created by brick and concrete.
  • We also offer our services for metal stud partitions in case it is required as per the architectural needs of the construction.

Our professionals have knowledge and experience for these jobs. They are well aware of the latest technologies used for having metal stud partitions in buildings.

Dry Lining

This is another type of construction work where plasterboards are used to the internal faces of the walls to create a smooth surface and cover the rough ones. This is done to achieve a better surface on which paints and decorations can be done and wet plaster finish will not be needed anymore for this.


Our experts have special training on dry-lining services. They know how to attach the plasterboards for internal cladding on walls and ceiling in a smooth and flawless manner.


The plastering experts of MX PLASTERING Ltd can make it a simple process for you to have the perfect dry-lining in your commercial as well as residential building.